Bloomingfern is a transmedia production company based in Estonia. We specialize on planning and executing media campaigns which unroll on multiple platforms and create a unique immersieve experiences for the audiences.

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We offer a wide range of services centered around storytelling in the networking age.

Full-cycle development of crossmedia campaigns

Audiovisual production and editing

PR, consulting and communication planning

Interaction and interface design

For storytellers

If you are a filmmaker, music producer, writer or other creative storyteller, we can offer you flexible co-production schemas resulting in greater exposure of your project, wider audience reach and new revenue streams. We develop traditional media stories, such as films, into complex multi-platform narratives, involving social media, viral content and innovative ways to integrate the audiences into the storyworlds.

For businesses

We offer businesses consultancies on brand communication in the realms of contemporary media environment. Every product or brand has a unique story, which, when told wisely, can turn into a powerfull marketing tool. We develop communication guidelines, promotional campaigns and events, as well as brand identity, production of commercials and photography services.

For organizations

Transmedia storytelling is a powerfull tool for social change. We are dedicated to make the world a better place by helping various organizations to communicate their goals in innovative and engaging ways. We offer campaign planning and execution, consultancies and workshops. We are also engaged into eductaion and reseach in cooperation with Tallinn University.

Currently in production:

I'm Waiting / Grand Pas

Who's Maher? Is he a football trainer? Is he a dancer? Is he a former political prisoner? Is he a dance teacher? I'm waiting transmedia experience is a story within a story. Through a dedicated website is a video, photographic and textual journey into the world of the documentary film Grand Pas by Toomas Järvet.

Four dancers, a violinist, a piano player, a manager, a mother, a father, a brother, a choreographer, a football manager and others are the main characters of the experience. Through their stories we gradually unveil Maher's life and more over we enter a world of love, dedication and normality in a land where normal can be often a luxury.

I'm Waiting transmedia experience starts in spring 2015. Stay tuned!

Virtual reality locative theater

In May 2013 we developed a concept of a new kind of locative media format, "virtual reality locative theater". Originally developed as a part of Apothecary Melchior transmedia project, the concept of a virtual reality mobile app grew into a dedicated media format. Using a mobile device, user is immersed into a hybrid reality storyworld, happening in real time, all arouind you.

Using 360 degree virtual reality scenes matched to real locations, viewers are fully immersed into the cinematic narrative. They have to navigate the physical environment, engage into quests and collect clues to discover new episodes of the "film". Using an automated algorythm, the storyworld can evolve depending on collective actions of the viewers, while each viewer can lay his own path through the narrative, choose to follow the lead characters, discover the dayly life in the fictional world or try to influence the events of the story themselves.

We are currently doing user expereince research and working on the specifications of the format. Beta-testing of the experience will start later in 2015.

Apothecary Melchior

In cooperation with Exitfilm we developed the Apothecary Melchior story universe based on four bestselling books by Estonian author Indrek Hargla. Melchior experience starts in Tallinn with a feature film and an interactive locative narrative.

Using mobile devices and augmented reality, users travel back in time to 15th century Hanseatic town to track the story "in real time". We empower the audience to uncover clues, secret items and additional content hidden in the Old Town. It will be a whole medieval adventure mixing the real world with the crafted digital content.

The storyworld will be then expanded in other Hanseatic cities with a TV series and interactive games allowing user-generated content to create a scalable transmedia format. In each of planned 6-12 episodes the story leads to a new place to uncover new characters and perspectives of the narrative. A town-specific mobile game play accompanies every episode creating an international experience. Webisodes launched between the episodes of the series will fill the gaps and give new insights into the story and help understand the background of the characters. A point&click game is developed for mobiles: It will be a whole new story serving as a prequel to the first film.

The release fo the project is currently delayed.

We are always looking for new exciting projects. Get in touch to find out how your story can be transformed into an immersive expereince.


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Management / PR
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Design / Cinematography
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Hannes Sarv

Production / Directing
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